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Mass Income Machines No BS Review

Okay, so Mass Income Machines has finally launched, and is one of the programs that we have been watching and waiting for the launch date to see what is is all about. Finding the diamond in the rough, or the golden nugget on the sandy beach (whichever analogy works best for you) can be a difficult process and it is rare that you actually come across a program that has a snowball’s chance of helping you to make money online. The real question then, is what about Mass Income Machines? Is it just another dump on the big pile of horse crap that is IM material, on the web or does the program actually offer something of value to you? We did a brutally honest, no BS review to find out just that.

What is Mass Income Machines Anyway?

Well, the program is actually a pretty big kit filled with stuff like software applications, documents and PDF files as well as some trailing videos to get your started. It was created by Mike Anton, and it is a program that is intended to give the beginning internet marketer a crash course in affiliate marketing – or marketing other people’s products that you get a commission for. The course takes you from the beginning stages before you have even registered your first domain name, and teaches you step by step how to make money in the field of affiliate marketing.

Why We Like This Product

Mass Ineome Machines is a program that teaches you how to create smaller, niche-oriented sites, aimed at specific Amazon products or Clickbank products. The great thing about this is, that you are giving your visitors exactly what they are searching for. If they came to your website looking to buy socks with reindeer on them, you will have several pairs offered on Amazon available for them to purchase. This works the same if they are looking for a certain Ebook. Basically, we like this program because it teaches you how to give the customer what they are searching for.

The Mass Income Machines Course

There are three parts of the Mass Income Machines Course. The first is the Cash In With Amazon section which teaches anyone how to build a simple Amazon review website for any product, just by filling in some information. This is so easy that literally anyone could build an Amazon review site and be making commissions from Amazon sales within a few days.

Part Two is called Profit From Clickbank. This is a section devoting to training you in selling products that are listed on Clickbank. There are literally products from just about any field listed in Clickbank, some total crap, and others chock full of great information. Most of the products come in a ready made package with web graphics and everything you need to promote the product. The Profit from Clickbank section will show you exactly how to do just that – make a profit from the Clickbank website.

Ready to use Niche Packs There are also four ready to use niches that you can build websites around, using the included tools, or just use them for learning. Everything you need to know about making money from these specific niches has been included.

Included Software with the Mass Income Machines Course

There are two killer pieces of software included with this course that will give you a huge boost over the competition when it comes to making money online. The first is Domain Sniper, which allows you to find the perfect domain, whether it be for an Amazon product, a Clickbank E-book, or a niche website. You’ll have the perfect domain each time. Another great piece of software is the aforementioned fill-in-the-blank Amazon Product Review Generator. What could be easier than filling in a few fields with information to create the perfect review website. Finally, there is Backlink Machine. This handy tool helps you to build links back to your website in order to get ranked higher in the search engines and get more traffic. Obviously, more traffic equals more sales.

So, What’s the Verdict?

Amidst all of the crap that is out there, the Mass Income Machines course stands out. Not only does it deliver on the promise of teaching you how to make money with affiliate marketing, and providing you with the tools to do so, it goes much farther in offering you three separate pieces of software that could be worth the price of the system alone. If you are lost when it comes to making money online, and you want an easy course that starts from the beginning, and includes everything you need, our recommendation is to sign up today for Mass Income Machines and get started making money online right now.


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[DDET   ]
The control phase of the strategic marketing process seeks to keep the marketing program moving in the direction set for it (Figure 2-4). Accomplishing this requires the marketing manager (1) to compare the results of the marketing program with the goals in the written plans to identify deviations and (2) to act on these deviations—correcting negative deviations and exploiting positive ones.
In 1981 Eastman Kodak saw its sales start to plateau from the high growth it had experienced from 1975 to 1980 (Figure 2-8). The year 1982 also produced flat sales and a dramatic drop in profits. The outlook was grim at the end of 1982. Technological innovations were redefining the entire amateur photo¬graphic market, and several of Kodak’s product lines were faltering. A decreasing Mass Income Machines market share for instant cameras, declining sales of movie films, and greater competition from Fuji in the traditional film and photographic paper markets necessitated drastic action.
To equal its late-1970’s sales growth, Kodak would have to follow line AC in Figure 2-8, which could fill in its large, wedge-shaped planning gap. But continued competition and a slowdown in sales of its Disc cameras, introduced in 1982, resulted in actual 1983 sales being far less than the targeted level. This is the essence of evaluation—comparing actual results with planned objectives.
When the evaluation shows that actual performance is not up to expectations, a corrective action is usually needed to adjust and improve the program and help it achieve the planned objective. In contrast, comparing results with plans may sometimes reveal that actual performance is far better than the plan called for. In this case the marketing manager wants to uncover the reason for the good Mass Income Machines performance and act to exploit it.
Kodak’s evaluation of its 1983 performance showed that it fell short of its plans, so the company initiated a drastic new action program that involved developing and marketing hundreds of new products it manufactured and dis¬tributing dozens of products produced by others. Targeted at consumers are new automatic “point-and-shoot” 35 mm cameras, “throwaway” cameras, faster film, and a complete line of batteries—all manufactured by Kodak. Pointed at
industrial and medical consumers are new 1-hour photoprocessing minilabs, optical-data storage systems, blood-analysis tests, and pharmaceuticals.29
This action program helped sales to rise again, thereby helping to close the planning gap shown in Figure 2-8. Although Kodak’s profit has not increased as rapidly as has sales revenue, it is also improving. Kodak’s corrective actions to bring its marketing program under control illustrate the final phase in the strategic marketing process.
The implementation and control phases of the strategic marketing process are discussed in greater detail in Chapter 20.
1 The Mass Income Machines strategic management process involves the steps taken at an orga¬nization’s corporate and divisional levels to develop long-run master strategies for survival and growth. Three key steps in this process are (a) defining the organization’s business (or mission), (b) specifying its goals, and (c) identifying its opportunities.
2 The strategic marketing process, using objectives and limits set by the strategic management process, involves the steps taken at market and product levels to allocate a firm’s marketing resources to viable marketing positions and programs. It has three phases: planning, implementation, and control.
3 The planning phase of the strategic marketing process involves three steps: (a) the situation analysis (where are we now, how did we get here, and where are we headed with present plans?), (b) goal setting (where do we want to go?), and (c) designing a marketing program in the form of a marketing plan that blends the elements of the marketing mix (how do we allocate our marketing resources to get where we want to go?).
4 The task of identifying marketing opportunities can be facilitated by looking at the four combinations of present and new markets and present and new products.
5 The implementation phase of the strategic Mass Income Machines marketing process involves executing the marketing plan and designing the marketing organization needed.
6 Marketing strategies involve specifying a target market and a marketing program to reach it. Marketing tactics are the detailed, day-to-day op¬erational decisions essential to the overall success of marketing strategies.

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